A Global Network of Jesuit Solidarity


We partner with Jesuit works and initiatives in Latin America, Africa, and Asia to provide resources that respond to the challenges faced by communities in need.

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A Global Network of Jesuit Solidarity

We partner with Jesuits works and initiatives in Latin America, Africa, and Asia to provide resources that respond to the challenges faced by communities in need.

Our Strategic Partners

Building bridges of solidarity

We envision our work with our partners as a relationship based in our shared values that fosters solidarity, mutual understanding, and hope for a brighter future. Fe y Alegría International and the Comparte Network are both prime examples of this type of bridge building.

Through mutual trust and understanding, in alignment with our mission and vision, and with the support of two Jesuit Conferences in the Americas, these organizations represent our strategic partnerships. Together we can leverage a global community of solidarity to promote sustainable and impactful responses for communities in need. 

Fe y Alegría - Colombia

FE Y ALEGRÍA is a Movement of Popular Education and Social Promotion that, born and driven by the experience of the Christian Faith, in the face of situations of injustice, is committed to the historical process of the popular sectors in the construction of a just and fraternal society.

Comparte - Mexico

COMPARTE is a network of the Jesuit Conference of Provincials in Latin America and the Caribbean (CPAL) consisting of social centers, the Jesuit Service to Panamazonia (SJPAN), Fe y Alegría International, and Alboan. A community of learning and action formed in 2008, they work to construct, together with producer organizations and other allied entities, economic-productive initiatives as alternatives to the dominant development model.

Our Jesuit Network Partners

Project Partners

Working Together

We believe that people understand their context best, so we work with Jesuit organizations who are already immersed in local communities. From schools to migrant centers, parishes to health clinics, the Jesuits have been responding to the needs of communities in need for nearly 500 years.

Your support allows us to amplify their capacity to respond to the challenges that their communities face.

More Project Partners

Stories of Impact

Centros Loyola - Cuba

Leocadia – Cuba

Through the SIEMBRA and COMPARTE agricultural network, the Loyola Centers in Cuba are giving small farmers like Leocadia new opportunities for economic stability.

LJSS - Malawi

Samantha – Malawi

Counseling services at the Loyola Jesuit Secondary School in Malawi are giving students like Samantha a safe space to feel listened to and accompanied.

Centros Loyola - Cuba

Ernesto – Cuba

Entrepreneurial workshops help community members like Ernesto start new small businesses amidst economic challenges.

Johana - Paraguay
Fe y Alegría - Paraguay

Johana – Paraguay

In the Bañado Norte neighborhood, the Escuela Caacupemí de Fe y Alegría is a source of hope for students like Johana and Iván.


Stefany – Venezuela

From Puerto Ordaz to Rio Olympic Games, Stefany's story highlights the impact of quality and inclusive education.

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